The Family That Wasn’t

A humorous fable of how our families live inside us

“I felt like I was in the middle of a Tim Burton movie. It had that dark humorous feel to it, and I could definitely see it as a movie. A fun read!”        Amanda, Another Book Junkie

“I found this book to be laugh-out-loud funny at parts as well as heartbreaking at others. It was such a mix of emotions but I loved every minute of it. My only complaint about this book is that I wish it was longer, because I didn’t want this story to end!” Laura, The Reading Nook

Can you lose your family simply by wishing for a new one?  And how do you get them back?  These are the questions John Boggle must answer in this middle grade fantasy novel published by IUniverse in 2010. My first novel, it is “a humorous fable of how our families live inside us” that will appeal to readers both young and old. Available at  Amazon

 My Vacation in Hell.

A dark comic fantasy of a young man’s journey through hell

“…a darkly humorous yet profound read into the evil we can experience even at age 15.”                             Midwest Book Review

…dark and intense, and psychologically very, very interesting.” Kelly, The Bookscape Report

“A funny YA take on a classic.”                                         Jade L. Hankes, Chasing Empty Pavements

In The Inferno,14th century poet Dante Alighieri wrote about hell as if it were an actual place. But could the hells we create in ourselves be more terrifyingly real than anything Dante dared to imagine? Find out in my young adult fantasy published in 2012.

I first hinted at the theme of sexual abuse in my previous novel The Family That Wasn’t.  I felt I needed to help my character John resolve his issues. So I tried to imagine as best I could part of the horror experienced by a sexual abuse victim and how he might deal with it. It is my hope that in some small way my novel helps to address the needs of all who seek to find their own way out of hell. Available at Amazon  Amazon


Print Cover Image (Amazon)                           Dragon Daily News

“Odd encounters, chance meetings, what ifs, what nexts … those are the words that spring to mind while reading Gene Twaronite’s Dragon Daily News. From books that leak their words to a fig tree that really pulls up roots and walks away, Twaronite’s stories are sprinkled with the wacky and the weird—while generally being totally believable. Inspired in many instances by traditional tales or fables, the stories sparkle with unexpected twists—you’ve heard about going hunting for tofu beasts, right? Then there are those idiosyncratic characters. From Stretch (a rubber boa who has grand adventures while stretched) to Snoop and Snort (dragon cub reporters in search of the truth about those creatures called people), the characters drive the stories forward, begging the reader to ponder what they might do next. If I were still a classroom teacher, this is just the sort of book I’d share with my students to trigger their own imaginations. Instead, I’ll settle for sharing it with my grandkids as we wonder if tofu beasts might still be found somewhere—besides in a grocery store….”

Suzanne Barchers, former Managing Editor at Weekly Reader

“… he heard a strange rumbling noise coming from the kitchen. Then a loud crash. He got there just in time to see a small glacier go right through the kitchen wall, into the living room, and out the front door.” (from “The Glacier That Almost Ate Main Street”)

A glacier that starts in a refrigerator is just one of the weird things that can happen in these twenty-one stories by Highlights for Children author Gene Twaronite. What if you showed up for school one day, but the school wasn’t there? What if words suddenly leapt off the page in the book you’re reading and floated away? What if the jet you’re on is afraid to fly? What if your parents gave you a real live rhino for your birthday? What if a little snake stretched and stretched to become the longest snake in the world? What if dragons really exist somewhere? What if …? Discover the answers to these and other questions. But be careful. Imagination can be a dangerous thing … especially if someone closes the book on you while you’re inside.

While some of these stories were first published in magazines including Highlights for Children and Read (Weekly Reader), many are brand new. So what are you waiting for? Jump right in—have fun with your head! Available at Amazon  Amazon

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