Welcome to The Twaronite Zone. If you read my essay “My Family the Mineral,” perhaps you’ll understand why I named it that. These days, I’m chiefly a writer of poems and essays. Throughout my work there’s a strong vein of the absurd, for that is where I live. A framed quote by Albert Camus hangs over my writing desk: “The absurd is the essential concept and the first truth.” Keeping this in mind helps me put things into perspective and enjoy the ride on this wonderfully weird merry-go-round.


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  1. Absurd, huh. OK, I’ll try it. For weeks now, I’ve awakened in winter dark and cold and tried to see where the story will go while I pull on covers somehow shorted by sleeping cats. It is a deepening rut. Yesterday I reached the keyboard with nothing, rebelled, and let my story take an absurd turn. Took two hours to write my way back. Now I like the result. Perhaps absurd starts are best.

  2. Hi Gene, Thanks for the invitation to your your blog. Absurd is my territory. Usually, I live in the Land of Knownotten; however, my world has been invaded by a necessary evil called marketing. The result is writers block. I need to get back to absurd. Thanks for the reminder. Hope I can find my way back soon.

  3. I enjoyed hearing you read at the ASPS zoom meeting yesterday, and I love your absurdity and new blog. Nonsequiturs and malapropos are my forté. When my daughter Natalie (now in her 50s) was a little girl, I noticed a dark place on one of her knees after her rough-and-tumble outdoor play, so I investigated.
    “Is that a bruise or dirt on your knee?”
    “It’s not sour cream!”
    Ha! Her swift reply cracked me up, and the memory still tickles me. (Maybe you hadda be there.) It’s time for breakfast here in the East. I’ll eat like an animal!

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