Whenever I See Empty

I seek to fill it
whether it needs filling or not
inserting my vanity into space
undefiled by actuality
as if I could fill the vacuum
between the stars and electrons
as if I could fill the gulf between us
no matter how close you seem
as if I could fill your vacant stare
so you don’t have to be there alone
as if I could fill all the holes
and lonely places within me
as if I could fill the blank slate I embrace each day
with words enough to keep the void at bay.

First published by The Ravens Perch. It’s a great new literary blog which allows readers to rate published pieces. You can find this poem as well as three more of my poems at this link  http://www.theravensperch.com/whenever-i-see-empty-by-gene-twaronite/

Lizard Light

My short poem, “Lizard Light,” was just published by Poetry Porch. They featured it as a sonnet, which was news to me, since I did not set out to write a sonnet. This type of poem is supposed to have fourteen lines following a set rhyme scheme. My poem has twelve lines and no rhyme whatsoever. So I was a little mystified when the editor told me that she wished to publish it as a sonnet. Mine is what’s called a curtailed (or curtal) sonnet. Basically it’s a sonnet that has been shortened and whose last line is very short. The sonnet is a very old literary form, which has been the subject of much modification and experimentation over the years. Apparently the form is still evolving.You can read the poem here: http://www.poetryporch.com/scroll13.html#gt2013               http://www.poetryporch.com/toc.html