My Vacation in Hell

My Vacation in Hell.

A dark comic fantasy of a young man’s journey through hell

“…a darkly humorous yet profound read into the evil we can experience even at age 15.”                             Midwest Book Review

…dark and intense, and psychologically very, very interesting.”                                                             Kelly, The Bookscape Report

“A funny YA take on a classic.”                                         Jade L. Hankes, Chasing Empty Pavements

In The Inferno,14th century poet Dante Alighieri wrote about hell as if it were an actual place. But could the hells we create in ourselves be more terrifyingly real than anything Dante dared to imagine? Find out in my young adult fantasy published in 2012.

I first hinted at the theme of sexual abuse in my previous novel The Family That Wasn’t.  I felt I needed to help my character John resolve his issues. So I tried to imagine as best I could part of the horror experienced by a sexual abuse victim and how he might deal with it. It is my hope that in some small way my novel helps to address the needs of all who seek to find their own way out of hell. Available at  Amazon




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