The Museum of Unwearable Shoes

A Word from the Author:

I am impressed by poetry’s ability to convey entire worlds of thought and feeling within a few lines, and I strive to meet its challenge of precise expression. That creative tension and how various poets deal with it is what I find most compelling about poetry. A strong element of the absurd runs through many of my poems, for at times the world seems so fantastic and improbable that I must express it in humor.   

I seek to explore who we are as a society and as human beings. My poems are not of heroes with lofty goals, but of everyday people—shoppers in a mall, the homeless, or students in the classroom—for whom making it through another day may be their only story. They call attention to the details and textures of ordinary life, making them visible in entirely new ways, and in the process uncovering something of deeper value.

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