Trash Picker on Mars

I’m excited to announce that my first poetry collection has just been published by Aldrich Press (an imprint of Kelsay Books)TWARONITE COVER 1 (2)

Read what one advance reviewer has to say: “Trash Picker on Mars provides readers with the ideal collection of poetry. Why ideal? Because there is truly a poem or more that will resonate with every stripe of reader. Readers will find poems ranging from edgy to whimsical to thought-provoking to inscrutable to perceptive. The collection is ideal for browsing, multiple readings, and sharing. The true sign of a good poem is that it is easy to read aloud, while stirring subsequent discussion. Those wise enough to acquire Trash Picker on Mars will find the collection to be both satisfying and inspiring.”

Suzanne Barchers, EdD, Former Managing Editor, Weekly Reader

Winner of the 2018 New Mexico/Arizona Book Award for Arizona poetry.

Now available from my online store or at  Amazon