A Little Planet of My Own

I Just finished rereading Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s classic tale The Little Prince. It is a book I have returned to many times, and I always find something new there. To those who think of this as merely a story for children, think again. It is a story that works on so many levels it defies classification. If you have somehow made it into adulthood without ever reading it, I urge you to find a copy before it is too late and you lose all connection to your childhood and turn into a fossil.

Here’s a poem I wrote after my recent visit with the prince:

My planet is a trifle bigger than
the one the Little Prince lives on.
Instead of just three, it has
a dozen volcanoes which erupt
in iridescent salute every time I
visit and never need cleaning.
Mine has a waterfall that falls
straight up into the sky where
the stars are always laughing.
There are baobab trees by
the score with roots going
deep as they please without
breaking up the place
and not a single sheep
to menace my one silly rose
visible only with the heart
who speaks to me when I’m sad.
And one yellow snake
when I want to go home.

First published in the literary journal Star*Line Fall 2019

3 thoughts on “A Little Planet of My Own

  1. The Little Prince has been one of my favorite books since 1970, when a good friend gave me the hardcover edition as a gift. I still have it; it’s a prized possession. I’ve also seen a very good animated movie version that made me see it in a whole new light. There is much to be learned from this deep little book. Thanks for reminding me to read it again.

  2. Oops. I better get cracking and read it! However, all is not lost – I do read lots of kids’ books but haven’t had the pleasure of reading The Little Prince.

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