Three Poems Translated

Three of my poems were just translated and published in the journal Metaforología. This is the first time any of my poems have been tranlsated into Spanish, and I am honored and pleased to have my poems showcased there for a wider audience. You can read them here in both Spanish and English versions

Metaforología, founded and directed by the poet Ana Cecilia Blum, is a digital Magazine of Literature whose main objective is the diffusion of contemporary poems, tales and essays that demonstrate seriousness, honesty and excellence to both the author and the reader.

I love how my poems sound in Spanish – such a musical language. My compliments to editor and poet Ana Blum for her excellent job of translation.

2 thoughts on “Three Poems Translated

  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! How fortunate we are to have you and Ana in the Tucson Poetry Society. I too love the sound of poetry in the Spanish language. My first introduction was as a docent at the U of A Poetry Center when I read the poetry of Tedi Lopez Mills (trans. by Wendy Burk). And now… poemas de Gene Twaronite!

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