Poetry Center Docent

I am now an offical docent for the University of Arizona Poetry Center – one of only three buildings in the U.S. dedicated to poetry. It houses one of the most comprehensive contemporary collections in the country, and it’s all free and open to the public. It also hosts readings from poets from around the world. I will be giving tours, leading poetry discussions, and writing blog posts. I am so proud of my city Tucson for its support of literature. Read more about it here  http://poetry.arizona.edu/visit/about-poetry-center


2 thoughts on “Poetry Center Docent

  1. Awesome news — it sounds like a wonderful place and one I’d like to visit when I get out there to Tucson one of these days! Congratulations, Gene!

  2. Great news, Gene! I must admit I was unaware that Tucson had a poetry center. I expect that you will enjoy your new role and experiences at the Center very, very much – I also see fodder for future poems and books!

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