How to Stuff a Rhino

Upon hearing my story, “How to Stuff a Rhino,” during a story time event at Peregrine Book Company in Prescott last Saturday, a young artist in the audience was inspired to draw this wonderful illustration. Thanks, Tommy! The story can be found in my new book Dragon Daily News. Stories of Imagination for Children of All Ages.                                                                                                                                                          Rhino


“Children’s Story Time” Event in Prescott

DDN-kindlecover3-1I’ll be reading some of my Dragon Daily News stories at an upcoming “Children’s Story Time” event at Peregrine Book Company in Prescott, AZ on Saturday, July 27.  Read more here:

Lizard Light

My short poem, “Lizard Light,” was just published by Poetry Porch. They featured it as a sonnet, which was news to me, since I did not set out to write a sonnet. This type of poem is supposed to have fourteen lines following a set rhyme scheme. My poem has twelve lines and no rhyme whatsoever. So I was a little mystified when the editor told me that she wished to publish it as a sonnet. Mine is what’s called a curtailed (or curtal) sonnet. Basically it’s a sonnet that has been shortened and whose last line is very short. The sonnet is a very old literary form, which has been the subject of much modification and experimentation over the years. Apparently the form is still evolving.You can read the poem here: